Pelosi: ‘Social Security Recipients Are Just A Burden On Society’

It’s no thriller that the Democrat Occasion desires to eliminate the senior’s earnings and medical packages that citizen’s have paid into all their lives. They continuously talk roughly enormous cuts to every Social Safety and Medicare.

Cortez and Omar are regarded to have known as the purposes ‘entitlements’ and are searching for their removing. Home Democrats are constantly stealing from SS to fund their private socialist pet initiatives.And now Speaker of the Home,

Nancy Pelosi, has publicly mentioned her disdain for the buildings that our seniors have earned and which hold them from come to be homeless and destitute.

At a latest $5000-a-plate fundraising occasion for orphaned San Francisco lemurs, Pelosi, drink in hand, raged concerning the best know-how and their location in America at present:

“These human beings are leeches. All they do is suck from the general public teat. Take, take, take.

There are human beings on this usa of america who want things like welfare and meals stamps, certain. It’s income help. We help them get returned on their toes whereas situations are arduous. However individuals on social security fall in a whole particular class.

They aren’t taking authorities cash shortly. They haven’t any intention of rejoining the workforce and as soon as extra changing into productive contributors of America.

They simply wish to take on a regular basis and wish no conditions to be positioned on the money. Social Safety recipients usually are not something further than burdens on society.”No, Nancy. They don’t seem to be burdens.

They’re first charge Individuals who constructed this usa of america and who paid into the security internet gadget all their lives. That’s not “authorities cash,” it’s far their money…..And also you’re now not touching it.


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